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Ask not for whom the rabid Tokomons snarl. They snarl for thee.

The two pinna can wobble fluctuate!!

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I have virtually no life, but I'm working on getting one. I hope to either be a writer or a mad scientist who uses evil mutants to conquer the universe. (Then again, think of the paperwork involved in running a universe!) I'm an aspie/autie (I see no real difference. The presence or absence of a speech delay does not a completely different condition make.) bookaholic, amateur icon-maker, sort-of wolf therian, have an unhealthy level of obsession with Power Rangers, and will talk about any of the above with (and sometimes at, though I'm working on that) anyone who'll listen. I’m tolerant to views other than my own, but that doesn’t mean I believe any less in mine or fear sharing them. I click on random journals when I’m bored or inertial so if I’m commenting and you haven’t heard of me, that’s probably how I found you, and I’m not stalking you.

There's a lot more, but if I told you here, you'd have no reason to read. :p

Oh, if you add me and I don't add you (or if I added you but have removed you) don't take it personally. I can only have so many journals added before one day's worth of entries on my friends page becomes more than I can read in one shot, sonot all of my favorite people are on my friends list. If you're not one of the people who's come to expect an immediate response from me and I can usually remember to check your journal for new entries, I'll probably not add you. Explained further here. All of my entries are public, so it won't affect your ability to read or comment. It's not personal. (If you think anything I've said or done is, ask me and I'll tell you, and I'll be nice about it, I promise.) By the same token, (why do people say that?) if I've added you, don't add me just because you feel you have to.

Other names I've used frequently in other places:

Devidramon (Digimon fandom)
Ecliptor Calrissian (or some variation thereof, depending on what characters are or aren't allowed in a given place. This is my all-purpose name.)
Temrash 113 (Animorphs fandom. A play on the name Temrash 114.)
OmegaFuchsia (Don't laugh! It was a play on the comic book character Omega Red. How was I supposed to know almost no one knew who he was and that there was a flower called fuchsia, so as someone else put it, 'you may as well have called yourself OmegaDaisy?' [Kicks self repeatedly] I use this name on some autism/AS boards.)

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